Art Is No More Pure

“Therefore, this court feels that the petitioner made out prima facie case. The balance of convenience more rests on the petitioner. Unless an ad interim injunction is granted the petitioner would be put to irreparable loss and hardship.” This is an excerpt from the Chennai City Civil Court statement dated March 14,2019 which stayed the South Indian Cine,Television Dubbing Artists Union’s expulsion of Tamil playback singer Chinmayi Sripaada. It is a great victory and relief for the veteran singer in the music field as well as in the dubbing field as the elimination was about to demolish her job career forever. But does the court order make all congenial for her to resume her ever glowing career in a sudden morning? Is the court order pretty enough to erase all the gender barriers and discrimination she faced so far? Will it lead the accused artists in the petition to realize their faults and rethink upon it and will Chinmayi be able to regain her popularity in the stream?………. The singer’s own response unveils the amount of debarring and rejection she is facing and how her work offers got dried up after her divulging of a loathsome truth. How it happens and how could the advocates of the so called pure art behave like this when the court itself declares the balance of convenience more rest on her side? Yes, it brings out into the open that whatever adjectives you use to attribute the purity of art (innocence, kindness, love anything it can be..) ,the evil of gender discrimination is ample to make it impure.

image courtesy:New Indian Express

All the issues got started in the period of the me too movement when the playback singer Chinmayi Sripada accused Tamil poet lyricist Vairamuthu of harassing her. She tweeted her #me too story after sharing stories of anonymous survivors for days.

Despite the applause and support Chinmayi gained through her disclosure (naming Vairamuthu as a sexual predator), the price she had to pay for #me too was heavy. She has been cast out of the dubbing union in Chennai. That means she can no longer give her spoken voice to women on the big screen. All her work offers in music got dried up. She continued to receive threat calls for weeks and months. Remember, all it was during the time when a film she dubbed and sang every song for is being celebrated through out the land.

But she didn’t remain silent. She continued posting lists of artists in the industry who got accused in the me too wave. In fact, the president of the dubbing union Rdha Ravi was one among them which made the union so thirsty for the end of Chinmayi’s cinema career. The singer fought against the union in the High Court also which gave her the result as the above mentioned order.

Still do you think Chinmayi could engage in the industry as the way how she was there before? If she could , will the industry allow her? It is an unvarnished truth that the relief is temporary and a long battle ahead .

Why people are still insisting on the notion of pure art… Not only one Chinmayi or any other singer,, the bigority and molestation being faced by female artists in the classical as well as in the cine field of music art is in such a high manner that it is being continued since decades… Yes,, Art is impure…

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